Collector – June 2019 - 13

ACA International Multimedia and
Communication Specialist Amy
Becker produces the association's
video content. Here she answers
some common questions:

American Profit Recovery makes some
scripted videos but has also had a lot of luck
conducting brief, on-camera interviews with
staff members about why they like working
in the accounts receivable management
industry and helping consumers.
"We try to identify people who we think
would be good in front of the camera,"
DiMatteo said. "If they want to participate,
we'll sit down with them for about 15
minutes and have a fellow employee ask
them several questions. Then we'll edit down
their responses."
American Profit Recovery is constantly
updating its YouTube video feed.
"We purge many of the older videos
after about a year or so," DiMatteo said.
"Sometimes the information just gets
outdated, or maybe we'll think of a different
way to approach the same topic."

Making a video doesn't have to be a
Hollywood production. Often how you
approach it will depend on your topic and
audience. DiMatteo said that while his
company occasionally hires a freelancer to
help with its bigger corporate videos, which
are more formal and can require the use of
a blue screen, DiMatteo increasingly prefers
making more low-key, impromptu videos.
"We'll often make one with just a
cellphone at a trade show or a meeting,
where we're talking about how we can


make things better for consumers and
clients," he said.
Fuernstahl said that Stoneleigh purchased
a microphone to use for voice-over work, but
its videos are filmed with an iPhone.
Post your videos where your audience
will be looking for them. Both DiMatteo
and Fuernstahl post their videos to
YouTube as well as their company's
website. You can also post videos to your
social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter
and LinkedIn.
When you post videos on YouTube, keep
in mind people may comment on them-
and you might not like what they have to say.
"We actually turned off the comments
section on our YouTube videos because
people were starting to comment on highly
sensitive items," Fuernstahl said. "I'd say
if you keep comments on, make sure it's
something that you can monitor all the time.
You don't want people putting their Social
Security numbers on there."
That said, Stoneleigh does get feedback
about its videos through the comments page
on its website, and the responses have been
overwhelmingly positive. "Most people who
watch them say they found them to be both
entertaining and informational," Fuernstahl
said. "If our videos helped even one person,
then we achieved our goals."
Anne Rosso May is managing editor of
Collector magazine.

Can I Use My Cellphone to Make a Video
for My Company??
Yes! The quality of built in cellphone
camera has improved a great deal over the
past few years and is a practical option if
you're not quite ready to purchase a video
camera. Use the camera on the back of the
phone instead of the one on front (i.e., the
selfie camera). The back camera is going
to capture better quality video. Record
your video horizontally (landscape) so your
footage is bigger and fills the video screen.
Finally, keep in mind that if you choose to
use your phone for video, you may not be
able to attach an external mic to capture
audio; this means you'll have to rely on
the phone's built-in mic, which may not
produce very good quality audio.
What Do I Need to Know About
the Recording Process?
Avoid back lighting, which is created when
your light source is behind your subject
(you). For example, taping directly in front
of a bright window, which is a light source,
can cause the subject of your video to look
dark on camera.
Be mindful of what's in the background.
If you're filming in your office, remove any
clutter, like soda cans, food wrappers or a
messy pile of papers.
Your video subject's wardrobe matters.
Solid colors and large pattern prints work well
on camera. If your subject wears glasses,
you may need to adjust your lighting to
prevent glare.
I Recorded a Video! What's Next?
There are many video editing apps available
online. Mac users can download the free
iMovie app if it's not already installed on your
computer. If you're ready to invest money
in more robust editing software, Adobe
Premiere Elements is a good, user-friendly
option for both PC and Mac users. The
subscription-based program is available for
around $20/month.



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