Collector – June 2019 - 12


Are You Camera Ready?
How mastering video can help your company connect with consumers.
By Anne Rosso May


he debt collection process can
be confusing for consumers, so
like many accounts receivable
management companies, Stoneleigh
Recovery Associates LLC published written
debt education content on its website,
providing a description of the company, an
explanation of how to make a payment and
general debt collection facts.
But anecdotal evidence revealed that the
information wasn't really being read by its
target audience. Instead, president Steven
Fuernstahl said his company found a
more effective way to educate consumers:
With more than 1 billion users-that's
almost one-third of the internet-YouTube
is the most popular video sharing platform
out there. Explainer videos, which answer
common questions and break down
complicated topics, give consumers quick
answers to their questions in a format they
increasingly prefer.
"Videos are more fun and inclusive
compared to the written material, which
can often be seen by consumers as dry,"
Fuernstahl noted. "We feel that videos can
give clearer instructions to the consumers
and are more entertaining."
A 2017 HubSpot survey found that videos
are consumers' preferred form of content;
respondents said they pay closer attention
to videos than they do news articles, social
media posts and research reports. Tapping
into this desire can deliver wide-ranging
benefits for your company, even beyond the
straightforward customer service wins.

In the early 2000s, executives at
American Profit Recovery Inc. threw
themselves into a public relations
campaign designed to shine a light on
the positive role the accounts receivable


management industry plays in the
economy. Company leaders sought out
interview opportunities with newspapers,
trade magazines and radio and TV
stations so they could share their story.
"Eventually we saw that traditional media
was drying up," said President Jeff DiMatteo,
"so we thought, 'Why don't we just create our
own content?' That was a game-changer."
Video played a key role in that branding
revolution. Twelve years in, American Profit
Recovery now produces close to two dozen
videos a year, each tackling a current trend
or topic in need of clarification. The videos
are made with a wide variety of audiences
in mind: consumers, clients, job applicants
and even industry stakeholders like the
media and regulators.
Before you hit the record button, pinpoint
what exactly you want to achieve with each
video. Making videos without a purpose
just adds clutter to your website, potentially
burying crucial information visitors are
trying to locate.
Fuernstahl says Stoneleigh's videos have
helped draw consumers to the company's
website, which has turned out to be vital in
a time when consumers are often suspicious
of a collector's opening verification questions
on outbound phone calls.
"We've made video content about our
company and about our process for verifying
a consumer's identity because we found that
a lot of people were visiting our site after
we weren't able to tell them what the call
was about because we couldn't identify the
person we were trying to reach," Fuernstahl
said. "Now they can visit our website to learn
more about us as a company and how we
have to conduct conversations by law."
Stoneleigh's videos not only help
consumers understand the debt collection
process, but also explain how they can use
the company's payment portal to self-service

without even speaking with a collector, if
that's what they feel more comfortable doing.
"Our goal was not to try to make our
videos go viral, but to make sure we had
content out there to help consumers if
they didn't want to go through the channel
of talking to someone on the phone,"
Fuernstahl said. "We want to make sure
they have multiple outlets to communicate
with us."

Pick video topics relevant to your company
and consumer base. Things that seem
obvious to you may not be to consumers,
who are often trying to grapple with big life
issues and don't have time to dig around
online to get the information they want.
"If we see an issue that's trending in
the industry, we'll do a video on that,"
Fuernstahl said. "And sometimes our
collectors bring us items that they would
like to see us address in the videos, like how
to make a payment. If we receive a certain
amount of calls about a topic, we know
there will be an audience for that video."
Start by writing out a script for each video
and have them approved by your company's
compliance team, if necessary. If you're
explaining a process, like how consumers
can dispute a debt, just focus on the highlevel, need-to-know information. Avoid
using industry jargon; these videos should
clarify, not confuse.



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