Collector - July 2018 - 44


North American Credit Services employees participate in the company's chili cook-off.

Helvey & Associates tried a new activity
this year, a vacation photo contest, said
Human Resources and Compliance Manager
Gary Gross, in addition to staff favorites such
as casual dress days.
Participation in Collectors Challenge can
be simple, such as a one-time event or one
event per week, but most importantly it's
a fun way for member companies to work
together for a good cause. By supporting the
ACAEF, you can help create a more positive
public image of the industry and encourage
your colleagues to take pride in their work.
"Collectors Challenge does an excellent
job of supporting higher education while
raising awareness about the contribution of
credit and collections professionals to the U.S.
economy," said Optio Solutions' President and
CEO Chris Schumacher in a news release.
The company, based in Petaluma, Calif.,
also included employee favorites such as
casual dress-down days and bake sales
throughout Collectors Challenge Month.
Other participants used community outreach
as part of their Collectors Challenge Month.
Universal Fidelity LP in Houston, Texas,
decorated lunch bags for Lunches of Love,
a nonprofit that feeds children on breaks
from school said CFO and Compliance
Director Jessica Hearn.
Credits, Inc. in Hermiston, Ore., invited its
staff, their families and community members
to participate in Collectors Challenge with
activities such as a silent auction and the


company's annual community barbecue,
which raised $667 of the total $3,161 in
donations, according to Brenda Barnard, vice
president of operations.
A majority of Collectors Challenge
participants have been a part of the event for
several years.
Sunrise Credit Services, a longtime
participant in Farmington, N.Y., also
involved its community by collecting
donations from local businesses and
restaurants for its silent auction.
"Everyone at the Sunrise family of
companies pitched in and helped out in any
way they could," said Dawn Simmons, vice
president, training and quality assurance
American Profit Recovery, based in
Marlborough, Mass., and Farmington, Mich.,
offers its employees options to donate to
the Collectors Challenge fund in exchange
for dressing casual on certain days during
the month. The company also continued its
popular "March Madness Bracket" activity
this year. The company celebrated its 10th
year participating in the fundraiser.
"American Profit Recovery continues to
participate in the Collectors Challenge as we
find it important to help promote a positive
image of the collection industry while also
being able to give to the scholarship fund,"
said Melissa Mallia, administration manager.
North American Credit Services in
Chattanooga, Tenn., also celebrated its
10th year as a participant in Collectors

Challenge Month with jean passes, a raffle
and the popular chili cook-off, said Leslie
Delgado, the company's reconciliation analyst.
"I think that my favorite part of
Collectors Challenge is how the initiative
brings employees together and at the same
time raises their awareness for what they
do and how their work affects the industry
and consumerism as a whole. It gives a
sense of pride to better understand our
responsibility and the positive impact,"
Delgado said.
At ConServe, employees elected to donate
proceeds from the Jeans for Charity Program.
"We had an outstanding show of support
from our employees," said ConServe Public
Relations Director Stacy Bartl, who noted
that more than 500 employees participated.
ACA International and the ACAEF
appreciate the continued support of all
participants in Collectors Challenge. The
ACAEF would like to thank the following
member companies for their exceptional
fundraising efforts:
* American Profit Recovery
* ConServe
* Credits, Inc.
* Helvey & Associates Inc.
* Nationwide Credit Corp.
* North American Credit Services Inc.
* Optio Solutions
* Pro Com Services
* Sunrise Credit Services
* Universal Fidelity LP
* Wilber & Associates PC
Generous donations and members'
willingness to participate in Collectors
Challenge will enable the ACAEF to offer
35 scholarships totaling $50,000 under the
Loomer-Mortenson program this year.
ACA employees also completed a
fundraiser for the Loomer-Mortenson
Scholarship Program, culminating in a Treat
Day celebration and raffle for prizes.
Winners of the Loomer-Mortenson
Scholarships will be announced at the ACA
International 2018 Convention & Expo, held
July 23-25 in Nashville.
Katy Zillmer is ACA International's
communications specialist.



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