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several ACA committees, including the
Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Committee. He served twice as president of
the Missouri Collectors Association and is
the namesake of MCA's Bill Bland Member
Benefit Scholarship.
In 2006, Bland spoke to Collector
magazine about going back to earn his high
school diploma after he left school in 1948
to enter the workforce-just one credit shy
of fulfilling his graduation requirements.
"I am visually impaired, and some of
the teachers were just not comfortable
having a visually impaired person in their
classrooms," he explained.

After passing his remaining math course
in 2006, Bland was invited to attend the
Winnetonka High School graduation
ceremony in Kansas City. "When they
announced my name my wife walked me
across the stage, and not only did my fellow
graduates stand up and clap for me, but the
whole auditorium stood up!" Bland said. "I
asked my wife what was happening, and she
said, 'Everybody is standing up for you!' It
was very moving."
Bland was preceded in death by his
parents, William "Russ" Russell, Sr. and
Linda Bland and Grace "Eileen" (Adams)
Wrinkle. Survivors include his sons, Mike
(Terree) Bland and Scott (Renee) Bland;
daughters, Janet Pestock and Barbie DeLuca;
sister, Barbara (Frank) Morales; brothers,
Charles (Kelly) Bland and Allan Wrinkle;
grandchildren, Jason, Bobby, Kristy,
Michael, Brice, Emma and Claire; great
grandchildren, Jordan, Morgan, AnnaLina,
Lilly, Isabella, Lilianna and Sebastian, and
many nieces, nephews and extended family.

from debt collection agencies from
around the world. Punches also served
as a director for Capio/Attention LLC in
Atlanta, an ACA International member,
and Intrum Justitia in Stockholm, Sweden.
Punches served as a director for nationwide
telemarketing company Call Solutions/
Novo 1 in Waukesha, Wis. 

"In any industry there are always
some folks at the top of their class,"
said Jim Richards, chairman of Capio
Partners LLC and past president of ACA
International. "Well, in the collection
industry Dennis Punches is one of those.
He pioneered the industry from the 1960s
through the 1990s and built the largest
publicly traded company of the time. He
influenced how our industry works today.
We all owe him a debt of gratitude for all
that he accomplished."
Punches is survived by his wife
Angela Punches; his adult stepdaughters
Alice and Staci Vilenskaya; his four
adult children from his first marriage
to Kathleen Truesdail, Debbie, Laurie,
Dennis II "Skip" and Emmalou; as well as
several friends and business partners in
the collection industry.

William "Bill" R. Bland Jr., IFCCE, 87, a
longtime ACA International member in
Kansas City, Mo., passed away Dec. 25, 2017.
Bland opened his first collection
agency in 1959, and joined the Missouri
Collectors Association in 1962. After
selling his first agency to a national
company, Bland started General Account
Service Inc. in North Kansas City, Mo.,
in 1974.
In a September 1983 letter to ACA's
Collector magazine, Bland described
his agency's first computer system as "a
revolution," marveling at how much easier it
made everything. "In my opinion, in order
to keep up with the requirements of today's
credit grantors, computerization-to some
degree-is a must," he wrote.
An active ACA member, Bland earned
ACA's James K. Erickson Continuous
Service Award as well as the International
Fellowship of Certified Collection Executives
designation, and chaired and served on

Dennis George Punches, 81, of Tequesta,
Fla., passed away on Dec. 19, 2017.
While a student at Carroll College in
Waukesha, Wis. (now Carroll University),
Punches took a part-time job as a salesman for a
local collection agency. He had the opportunity
to buy the company and it was renamed
Payco American Corporation, according to his
obituary published in The Palm Beach Post.
Punches nurtured and grew the company
along with a talented leadership team until
it was sold in 1996. In 2000 he assisted with
the growth of Collection House, a former
ACA International member company based
in Australia, to go public on the Australian
Stock Exchange.
He stayed active in the industry by
founding the International Collectors
Group (ICG), which consisted of executives




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