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Kimberly Coghill
Anne Rosso May

Squad Goals
Personal growth is hard-but ACA can give you a hand with your
professional development
By Anne Rosso May


ow are those New Year's resolutions coming?
I started out strong, crossing things off my to-do list left and right (reevaluate my kids'
college savings plans; actually bring my reusable bags with me to the grocery store), but
I have to admit that as the months have passed, some objectives-the bigger ones, mostly-seem
just as out of reach as they did on Jan. 1.
That feeling of being overwhelmed and unsure of how to get started on a goal is a common
experience, and it's also a big part of ACA International's motivation to reinvent its annual
Spring Forum & Expo. Not only does the event have a new name this year, but it also has a new
focus: making it even easier for ACA members to achieve a professional designation.
The new Campus ACA Academy at Spring Forum & Expo, March 14-16 in Las Vegas, is the
fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve your industry designation. The event is a one-stop
shop not only for training and professional development, but also the longtime hallmarks of
ACA's former Spring Forum & Expo: industry solutions and powerful networking opportunities.
So if "pursue professional development" was one of your resolutions, this is your opportunity
to cross it off your list. When you attend the Campus ACA Academy at Spring Forum & Expo,
you'll be able to take all the required classes for a designation in just three days. The only thing
left to do when you get back to your office is to complete the qualifying exam online.
This event is coming up very soon but it's not too late to join in the fun. Visit ACA's website
at to register. And if you can't make it to the Campus ACA Academy
at Spring Forum & Expo, don't let that stop you from achieving your professional development
aspirations! I suggest you look into ACA's Training Pass (find info about this on page 41),
which gives you unlimited access to our educational seminars for a whole year.
Another exciting project we've been working on here at ACA over the last several months is
the promotion of our new Ernst & Young survey on how the third-party debt collection industry
helps support the U.S. economy (learn more about that on page 40).
We released the survey at the end of 2017 but you'll be hearing a lot about it this year
because it contains a ton of valuable information that both ACA and you, as an individual
member, can use in so many ways.
Most importantly, it can help you achieve another professional goal you might have: to talk to
your local legislator about the debt collection industry. If you've hesitated because you're not sure
what to say, the information in the ACA/Ernst & Young survey is a great icebreaker. Sharing all
the ways your industry helps other U.S. businesses, provides jobs and contributes to charitable
organizations can help combat any preconceived notions your legislator might have about
the collection industry. Resources on meeting with local legislators are also available at www.

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Anne Rosso May

is the editor of Collector
magazine. She can be reached


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