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Of course, Pai is not the only one in
D.C. who had been urging transparency.
In response to the FCC implementing new
regulations under Title II of the Federal
Communications Act of 1934, U.S. Sen. Steve
Daines (R-Mont.) said, "FCC staff should
not be able to make broad, non-transparent
changes to a rule after it has already been
voted on," calling on the commission to
immediately release the actual text it votes on
to "ensure the public is aware of what changes
have already been made."
Commissioner Michael O'Rielly, the
other minority Republican commissioner
under Wheeler, has also repeatedly called
for increased FCC transparency, stating in
blog posts that he'd like to make certain draft
documents available to the public and that
"the lack of full disclosure and transparency
has continued to be a problem as some parties
have not been fully briefed on recent items."

Pai, a Republican, took the reins at the
FCC in January 2017, and just a month
later announced his plan to increase the
transparency of the commission's processes
and rulemaking.
"I identified many ways of doing that
when I served as a Commissioner in the
minority, and I want to deliver on those
ideas now that I have the privilege of serving
as Chairman. I want this Commission to
be as open and accessible as possible to the
American people," he said in a February
2017 statement.
Under a new pilot program, the FCC
is releasing the full text of documents for
discussion at its open meetings to the public
as well as commissioners approximately
three weeks before the meeting date.
"We believe that releasing these
documents-rather than keeping them
behind closed doors until after our vote-
will increase the public's understanding of
our decision-making process, and result
in final rules that better serve the public
interest," Pai said.
O'Rielly, now a commissioner on the
majority side, said in a statement that Pai's


program marks "a major step forward for
the agency in terms of transparency and
accountability," noting that if the program
goes well "we will all find this to be a
significant upgrade in terms of quality of
feedback, quality of process, and ultimately
quality of the Commission's work product."
In a March 2 post on Medium, Pai
said the FCC received "overwhelmingly
positive feedback from the public" on the
initiative, the first step of which was to
release two documents on broadcasting
standards that were voted on at the FCC's
February meeting.
Then, in advance of the FCC's March 23
open meeting, Pai released a copy of the
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and related
Notice of Inquiry on robocall blocking, an
important issue for the credit and collection
industry. Obtaining a copy of the proposals
before the open meeting allowed ACA
International to have a fuller understanding
of the issues before the commissioners
actually voted on them, a welcome process

In March, President Trump nominated Pai
to serve a second five-year term on the FCC
to ensure he will remain on the commission
throughout Trump's presidency. In a
Medium post, Pai said that the FCC plans to
continue evaluating his transparency pilot
project and hopefully establish permanent
procedures for the release of meeting items,
which ACA strongly supports.
Pai's stated regulatory philosophy for the
FCC is built on bipartisan consensus, and
he's noted that "with regard to reaching
consensus with my fellow Commissioners,
as well as my interactions with Congress,
I believe that the Commission is at its best
when it proceeds on the basis of consensus
and that good communications policy knows
no partisan affiliation. As we move forward, I
will do my best to hear all points of view-to
approach every issue with a literal open door
and a figurative open mind."
Anne Rosso May is editor of Collector



New FCC Chairman
Ajit Pai is focused on
bringing transparency and a
spirit of cooperation to the


The FCC is releasing the
full text of documents
for discussion at its open
meetings to the public as
well as commissioners
approximately three weeks
before the meeting date.


ACA applauds the FCC
for concentrating its
TCPA efforts on the growing
number of bad actors who
are using modern dialing
technology to harass


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